Fallon and Gilman's Como Pizza Quest

Fallon and Gilman's Como Pizza Quest
Two handsome men searching for a handsome pizza

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tony's Pizza Palace

This week the Quest made its way downtown to visit a little place called Tony’s Pizza Palace.  Located near the intersection of 5th and Walnut, Tony’s is fairly obscure when compared to many of the other downtown restaurants.  Because of this, we hadn’t heard too much about Tony’s going into our visit.  However, a positive review from the Quest might propel the Pizza Palace from anonymity to notoriety.  How did it do?  Keep reading to find out.

The Order:

1 Large Pizza
                -1/2 cheese, ½ meatlovers (beef, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, and pepperoni)

1 Order of Mozzarella Sticks
1 Pitcher of Bud Light
Price - $34.65 ($11.55 / person)
Wait Time – 17 minutes

Fallon’s Take:

Linguo the Grammar Robot says, “g-error!”  That’s right, Linguo.  Tony’s Pizza Palace committed an error of its own when it put together our pizza.  Here are the pros of the Palace:  The term “Palace” is in the title of the business.  Our waitress carried her baby around while taking orders.  The cons?  The pizza.  If only Linguo was adept at making pizza at Tony’s rather than making sense out of the English language structure… and if only he wasn’t a fictional cartoon character… or something.  So avoid Tony’s Pizza Palace like the world’s most famous grammar robot avoids double negatives!

Crust - 2
Cheese - 2
Toppings - 5
Ambiance – 4
Presentation - 2
Service - 4 (See: Baby)
Prices – 2

Average - 2.75

Gilman’s Take:

Right when we walked in the door, I recognized that the ambience of Tony’s Pizza Palace was going to be hard to beat.  The open kitchen, family atmosphere, and Ms. Pac Man and original Die Hard arcade machines prepared me for what I thought was going to be another successful Pizza Quest.  Once we sat down I felt more like Ms. Pac Man as I was ready to devour hundreds of circular objects and maybe even a few blue and white ghost-like creatures.  However, as the night progressed, I began to feel as helpless as the hostages in Die Hard.  While the toppings, ambience, and service were off the charts, the crust, cheese, and sauce created a situation that not even John McClane could fix.  The crust was burnt and the cheese always slid off the pizza.  Needless to say, Tony’s Pizza Palace did not make me want to yell “Yippee-Ki-Yay!!”

Crust - 2
Cheese - 3
Toppings - 5
Ambiance –5
Presentation - 3
Service - 4
Prices – 2

Average – 3.38

Jenni’s Take:

Tony’s Pizza Palace…certainly no Festivus that’s for sure. Although, I do have some grievences I need to air. Thin crust? C’mon?! There I was. All ready for the “feats of strength” and they serve us pizza on a piece of cardboard verrrrryyyy thin crust. Did I mention that the crust came separate from the cheese, sauce, etc.? Neither did the Palace. Not until one tries to take a bite and everything slides apart is this discovered. Maybe I’m being too harsh on Tony’s. It’s certainly no Ross Gload…certainly. It’s more of a Kenny Bania. Yeah, it’s there and that’s fine…but necessary? Meh.

Sauce -3
Crust -2
Cheese -4
Toppings -N/A
Ambiance –4
Presentation -3
Service - 3
Prices –3

Average –3.14

Ultimate Pizza Rating –3.09

Week 2 of the Quest is in the books.  We’re thinking about eating mid-week from now on so we can have the post up by Friday.  Whether that happens this week or not, we should have some bonus material up soon that we are very proud ofLINGUO’S CORRECTION: of which we are very proud.  Continue to check the site daily and tell your friends about us.  Once again, we encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t be afraid to come see us at any of the restaurants at which we eat.


Last week, we took some shots at the Kansas City Royals to the dismay of some of our Kansas City readers.  I don’t apologize for this, and, in fact, will probably make fun of them a lot over the course of the blog.  However, I want it to be known that I have nothing against Kansas City or the members of its population.  I’ve had some great times in Kansas City, and I certainly don’t regard St. Louis as a far superior city.  The Royals are just comically bad.  But you could say the same thing about the Rams.  (Happy, Brittany?)

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on Tony's. I was hoping you had found a diamond in the rough, but alas it was just a chrystalized turd. Oh, well.

    I would like to say that Jenni is a wonderful addition to your team. Nephew, is this girl single? Is so maybe you should change that. Any girl who can so cleverly weave Seinfeld references into her revue is a girl that would meld well into the Gilman family. I'm just sayin'. But what do I know? I'm justa crazy old woman with a dream to carry out the tradition of wit in sarcasm in our family for future generations.

    Serenity Now!!!!

    Aunt E

  2. yeah, if jenny is single, you should stop being a fag and make a move gilman

  3. Fallon, are you gonna let these people continue their plot to steal your girl? Better off one of 'em to be safe.

  4. Ted PendergrassMay 9, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    if i can make one suggestion on direction of this blog, too many simpsons references. and that's that.

  5. Quite happy, thank you Gilman.

  6. Aunt E is attending a Pizza Party at Tony's this evening. I guess the party planners failed to read your blog. Oy vey! Nephew, if you are in the neighborhood stop in after 7 and make an old woman happy. BTW . . . I'll be at the Blue Note after 9ish kickin' it old school with the other senior citizens. I hope us old folk can handle all the fun without breakin' a hip.