Fallon and Gilman's Como Pizza Quest

Fallon and Gilman's Como Pizza Quest
Two handsome men searching for a handsome pizza

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interview With HBO's Bryant Gumbel

So, a few days ago we asked the readers to send in some questions for a Q&A session.  Instantly, thousands of emails came pouring into our inbox.  We’re glad that everyone is so enthusiastic about the Quest, but we wouldn’t have been able to answer all of the emails. Therefore, we decided to let a professional ask us the questions, and after turning down many other interview requests, we sat down with Bryant Gumbel. 

Bryant Gumbel:  Hello, gentlemen, and thanks for letting me talk to you today.

Fallon and Gilman’s Como Pizza Quest:  No problem, Bryant.

BG:  First off, why is the blog called “Fallon and Gilman’s Como Pizza Quest?”

FAGCPQ:  Well, a lot of people have told Dan he looks like Jimmy Fallon and Pat looked like Billy Gilman when he was younger, so it was a natural choice.

BG:  Those are two handsome men.

FAGCPQ:  Thanks, Bryant.

BG:  I’m a huge fan of some of Gilman’s earlier work, but moving on…Why do you consider yourselves pizza experts?

FAGCQP:  I don’t know where you heard that, Gumbel, but we have never made that claim.  We wouldn’t consider ourselves pizza experts any more than we would consider Maury Povich a relationship expert.  We’re just two guys that enjoy a good pizza.

BG:  So fans shouldn’t expect wordy, lengthy reviews of each pizza you’ve tasted, noting the unique intricacies and flavors that each pie possesses?

FAGCPQ:  Absolutely not.  We will give ratings and offer opinions about the pizzas we eat, but we won’t bore our readers with contrived descriptions of the tastes.

BG:  Fair enough.  What else do you plan on including on the blog?

FAGCPQ:  Well, we’re thinking of keeping an ultimate pizza ranking chart that updates after each restaurant we’ve tested, and we’re hoping to include a lot of pictures and videos if we can get some money for a camera.  (Editor’s note:  Camera donations are welcome.  And so are money donations.)
 Also, we’ll probably have some non-pizza content for our lactose intolerant readers, such as Youtube videos and other things we enjoy.

BG:  Sounds intriguing.  Are there any ways that your readers can join the quest?

FAGCPQ:  First, I have to mention something.  Even though we are speaking, I can tell that you spelled Quest with a lowercase “q.”  The Quest should always be capitalized.  But anyway, to answer your question, there are a lot of ways to participate in the Quest.  You can follow us on Twitter(@FAGCPizzaQuest) or on our Facebook fan page.  We will post when and where we will be eating on these pages, so anyone can join us if they wish to.  Also, we encourage everyone to send us pictures and fan art, and some of the more creative submissions could get posted on the blog.  Restaurant suggestions can be posted on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages or emailed at fallonandgilmanscomopizzaquest@gmail.com.

BG:  Okay, let’s switch gears here.  Here are some quick hits.  Favorite topping?

Pat:  Pepperoni
Dan: Milk Steak

BG:  Favorite college mascot?

Pat:  Minnesota Golden Gopher
Dan: Minnesota State Formal Gopher

BG:  Deep dish or thin crust?

Pat:  Thin crust
Dan: Thin crust

BG:  Bagel Bites or Pizza Rolls?

Pat:  Bagel Bites
Dan: Pizza Rolls

BG:  Favorite Gumbel?

Dan:  Gumballs

BG:   And finally the question everyone’s been asking:  Are you single?

Pat:  Yes

BG:  Thanks for your time.

So there you have it.  I hope that answers some of the questions you’ve had about our blog.  We might not be updating too frequently until school ends but look for the first restaurant visit to come sometime next weekend.



  1. you always say you're single to get the ladies interested. amateur move dan

  2. These pictures are hilarious! However, not pizza related.